We certainly hope you enjoyed  the sample chapters of

Lords of Darkness

The True Tale of Sawney Bean

by Thomas Doran

If you would like to order the entire novel, the price is only $7.50. It is available via credit card – simply click on the link button to PAY PAL below, and they will handle the transaction. When it is concluded, they will then send you back to us. You will receive an e-mail receipt from them confirming your purchase, and we will e-mail you the novel as an attached file within 48 hours.

PAY PAL is a well known and secure site.

In the future we hope to have a system in place where by you will be able to download the file yourself directly after the transaction, but we just aren’t equipped to do that at the moment, and we do hope you understand.

The novel is a PDF file, and can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is properly formatted and should print out 154 pages at 8 by 11 (approx: 65,000 words). The format presented in Sample A Chapter is somewhat different due to the necessity of HTML coding (2 to 3 pages were often combined onto one page, and paragraph indents are missing), and does not represent the standardized and usual book style that is present in the PDF file.

This will also include a short six page glossary of some of the Scots and Gaelic words, terms, and song lyrics used in the story, and even a bit of information on the historical liberties I have taken for the sake of telling this compelling story. Color cover artwork will also be included.


Because of the very nature of e-books and e-literature, we unfortunately cannot accept any refunds. If there is any trouble with the files we will most certainly replace them.

We are also working very hard to make a CD version of Lords of Darkness available sometime late in 2001. It will have not only the novel and glossary, but a short history of Scotland and the specific time period; a short bio of James VI-I, and more details about Sawney. It will have character designs, art work, maps, photos, audio files, the most famous published version of the story as related by James Nicholson in 1843, and much more.

If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of the CD when it eventually becomes available, please e-mail us at:


We will put you on our waiting list and notify you when it is ready. I have to warn you though, that it will be some months before it is ready. We haven't determined the price as of yet, but it will probably be around $12 plus postage.

If you order the novel now and would still like the additional materials when they become available, then a CD version can be purchased for the difference in the price.

This e-mail address is for the CD waiting list only. To order the novel now you must use the link to PAY PAL above.


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