Welcome to the LORDS OF DARKNESS – an on line novel. A tale of horror – a tale of history. You will be able to sample the first 4 chapters as well as order the complete novel. We hope you will be able to enjoy it on many different levels.

For 25 years Sawney Bean and his incestuously bred cannibal clan were reputed to have skulked about the barren shores of Galloway in the south west of Scotland. Venturing out from the depths of their cave to hunt for food – be it animal – or human. And in all that time, never once leaving a trace to give themselves away – until one fateful day.

These events are always said to have taken place during the reign of James I of Scotland. This has caused some serious problems for historians searching for clues to the truth of the tale, as technically, there were two James 1. The earlier James Stewart lived from 1394 - 1437. He was a poet as well as warrior, and reigned for 21 years.

James the VI of Scotland became James the 1st of England when he ascended the English throne on the death of Elizabeth in 1603. Hence his title VI-I as ruler now of both nations. It would have been very easy for writers to make a mistake in identifying the period, depending on where their motivations for doing so lay. James VI-I was an outspoken critic of witches, witchcraft and the supernatural, and the tale could easily be attributed to his reign. This horrific story seems to fit right in with his holy purpose in life.

Even if the events relating to Sawney Bean took place before his rise to the English throne, he still would have been called by VI-I, primarily because the first known mention of Sawney was a news sheet dated 1701 - 64 years after James’ death. But even this is not specific as to which James it is. I have even seen mentions of James V.

There is no factual, documentary evidence relating to Sawney, or to either King being involved in any adventure even remotely similar. Court records have been gone over by others, and no mention has ever been found. The story conveniently states that there was no trial – just terrible retribution. However, there is no other corresponding written evidence and one would imagine there would be. And just as importantly, there is no local oral tradition - no songs. There are indeed court documented cases of cannibalism in Scotland as late as the 16th century, and one would imagine that it may have happened in other places as well. It happens today. And there are many theories as to how this story could have become such a national boogey man for Scotland.

So, is the astonishing story true? Possibly not – but science and modern evaluations of history have shown that it has often found ways of bringing to light the truth of even more bizarre tales and legends, so can say for sure? Perhaps some scrap of evidence will make itself known to us sometime soon.

And as terrible as the events of the story are, well, it is entertaining to believe such a nightmare tale might have really happened. Safely relegated as it is to centuries past. How content would we be if it was happening all around us today.

After you sample some of Lords of Darkness, you will be able to order an e-mail download of the entire novel if you wish. See the section, DEVOUR THE NOVEL for details. This will also include a short glossary of some of the Scots and Gaelic words, terms, and song lyrics used in the story, and even a bit of information on the historical liberties I have taken for the sake of telling this compelling story. Color cover artwork will also be included.

We are also working very hard to make a CD of Lords of Darkness available very soon. It will have not only the novel and glossary, but a short history of Scotland and the specific time period; a short bio of James VI-I, and more details about Sawney. It will have character designs, art work, maps, photos, audio files, the most famous published version of the story as related by James Nicholson in 1843, and much more. You will also be able to order by check and money-order via snailmail if you wish.

And coming soon we will be offering an audio version of Lords of Darkness, available on CD or cassette. We will also be making some regular monstrous additions to the site as well, most specifically in our section HISTORICAL HORRORS. But we will soon be offering such things as merchandising, historical sketches, personality profiles, newsgroups, message boards, Scottish Tourist information (there are some spooky sights to see), and much, much more. So keep checking us out.


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