The Martha Mitchell Film Festival



n May of 2006, Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc. presented the first Martha Mitchell Film Festival. This was in honor of Pine Bluffs home town girl, who was one of main opponents of Richard Nixon in the early 1970s. Once a loyal Republican, she went after all in Washington who dared to try to harm her beloved husband, Attorney General John Mitchell.

When she found out that her husband had been intimately involved in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, her world shattered. She died in 1976, an outspoken opponent to the very end of Washington back-door politics and deceit.

The Festival screened Oliver Stones NIXON, as well as ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN. As an added attraction, OTTC screened the video-taped version of the 3-Act Play This is Martha Speaking, which premiered in Pine Bluff in June of 2004.


For more information about the play, please go to: This is Martha Speaking