"We Cover The Whole Wide World Through Time"

Historical Research for Films -- Television -- Multi-Media

We provide a full range of services for virtually any period in history. All the basics you will need for your project, and presented in the format of your choice -- hard copy, disc, audio, film, video, and/or personal presentation.

1. Contemporary illustrations from historical source material, as well as specially created artwork, to order. Need a map of North America circa 1754? How about an Art Deco newspaper ad, or Art Nouveau night club poster? 19th Century British travel papers, or an ancient curse written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics? We do the research, add your specifics, and present the finished work.

2. Storyboards; Conceptual Art.

3. Culture: Research into all aspects of assigned cultures and societies. Accurate background analysis of the physical characteristics of peoples, dwellings, cities, rural communities, trade, religion, rituals, sexual practices, eating habits, medical & scientific facts and fallacies, transportation, technology, etc. Societal protocol, politics and the interaction of various cultures. In short, everything. American Indian, Japanese culture and Scottish/European history a specialty, but we cover the whole wide world through time.

4. Language: Period slang, idioms, spellings and pronunciation; modern approximations of period speech. Did people really say things like "Verily M'Lady, tis oft' a pity when yon stout fellow..." or "Hey groovy chick, let's hook up down at the happening..." well, you get the picture. Translations: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Latin, Mohawk, Kiowa-Apache, Scots, Scots-Gaelic, Irish, Cornish, Manx, Hungarian, Esperanto, Ancient Egyptian, and many others. We can even make one up if you like.

5. Costume: What they wore, how they wore it. Civilian, Military.

6. Weapons: What they used, and how they used them. From slings & swords to rockets & ray guns.

7. Script Analysis for Historical Accuracy: It's 1928, and your character is getting a shot of penicillin -- perhaps not. Making a phone call in 1897 -- could be. Flying across the Atlantic in what year? We can tell you.

8. Character and Background Analysis from a Historical Perspective: Did you know that it was considered effeminate for men to wear wrist watches in the 1920's? If you know the facts, then you know where, when and how your characters should behave -- and when to deviate from them when you have to.

9. Period Acting: Advice on how to portray a period character, and more importantly, how not to.

10. Future Conceptualization: What we know about the past, and how it got us to this point in time can help you portray the future in a realistic way. What technological and scientific advances are really likely to evolve; what will clothing, transportation, and fads believably look like. And what most likely will never come to pass.

11. And...much, much more.

We are Historians, Artists, Anthropologists, Writers, Directors.

We can help you get it right.