The Amazing Cecilia CD - version 1.2

Yes, Years in the making! Took almost as long as the building of the Pyramids!

So what is on this masterpiece? Sixteen original articles/tutorials developed over the years from NewTekniques Magazine. Ten original DUNE articles showcasing my special effects work. Miscellaneous Projects made for Amiga/MOS including WB wallpapers and PNG icons.
So, what's New??

  1. 7 completely new IFX articles
    1. how to use the Wireless Hook - a basic 101 introduction to get you started

    2. For years people have complained that there's no easy way to save all the alpha buffers in a layered image when it gets flattened. Flattening always deletes every alpha buffer in Every Layer. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to save all these alpha's and combine them into ONE alpha channel???
      I created scripts which will combine several Alpha channels (in a series of LAYERS of your ingf file) into ONE image with ONE Alpha buffer. The scripts will Flatten the Main (color) buffers, then load in the newly combined alpha. I've made this formerly complex and clumsy process automatic and easy
      You have to see it to believe it!

    3. fixing Red Eyes in photos - easy with the included hooks and tutorial.

    4. how to make pictures in the style of Andy Warhol using my scripts - make your own Modern Art!

    5. my green-screen article which expands the original blue screen article by delving into Color Correction and other issues

    6. Dramatically dressing up your Photos or pictures by adding any of the included "frames" or "borders". Use my included scripts to automate the process and make it it Easy!

    7. A step by step Help on how to install ImageFX 4.5 on OS4 (plus). Many screen grabs to help you out.

  2. 22 PDF's of ALL the IFX articles. Makes using them more convenient. You can read the original articles in html form to download the scripts/hooks and test images and then - for those that find it more convenient - read along with the PDF version to work through the tutorials alongside IFX

  3. older articles have been cleaned up or updated where needed

  4. 6 new files available for MOS/Amiga users. This includes PNG icon sets.

  5. The AIFX web site - which includes Tony's articles on stereoscopic imaging.

  6. 8 new articles in the Dune section - for those who want a glimpse into the world of special effects

  7. 29 Dune animations in either Quicktime or AVI format included with these articles. They have been tested in Amiga browsers as well as Opera and FireFox

  8. 2 Children of Dune articles with 4 animations

  9. cell phones wallpapers just for fun!

All files conveniently stored on the CD. Scripts, tutorial images, png icons, unending entertainment!


wurzel: "I just got Cecilia's CD (thanks) and there is a mine of information on it. It's going to take me weeks to go through it all. Lucky for me, I just got a graphics card in my Amiga, makes viewing via IBrowse2.4 a pleasure ;) Well worth it!"

Andy Warhol: "This CD is sure to have at least 30 minutes of fame!"


Total Amiga published a review of this CD in their 26th issue. I have to admit it's completely accurate and fair. What? Why don't you believe me????

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