Okay, so maybe I'm not predicting, but here are some possible future events for Terror Radio. They're only "possible" - as opposed to "definite" - because we have free will - the collective "we" that is. And if we have free will, then no one can actually predict the future, because that would eliminate our ability to change our minds between now and then - or something like that. Get me?

Free Will = No such thing as Psychics

Real Psychics = No such thing as Free Will

So, you have a choice of what to believe. Or do you?

We are not gone - and not forgotten (I hope); and as I write these words Terror Radio is attempting to get going once again after a few very hard months. What with poverty and ill health lording it over a lot of folks these days, its lucky any of us are still around.

Anyway, please keep checking here as we will be on the road again very soon - and with any good luck at all, on the airwaves for real.

And one more thing, if you hear of some folks calling themselves TNT Radio - well, that just might be us as well.

Poor Tommy

So remember what the amazing Criswell once said - "Future events such as these will affect you in the future - because that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives."