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Hey folks, welcome to the "great" experiment - a crazy idea, but then again, someone had to have it - and being bored, and in LA (a deadly combination), well we had to do something. We used my friend's pub to get things going, feeling we were on safe territory (just in case things went very badly). The show starts with our intro tune "Them", by Terry's old band VOMF. The show make take a couple of moments to get going, but hang on, as technology hasn't caught up with us yet - or something like that. You might have to pump up the volume as well depending on your system. Anyway, maybe we haven't understood the technology. Oh just drop it (I'm even boring myself).

We had a great time, though we were very nervous in an odd way - it wasn't exactly stage fright (far from it), but mainly that the pub wasn't very full, and we thought it might have been hard to do the show we had in mind. After all, being in public and having live, audience participation was the whole point of it.

The show is a year old - but still interesting especially as we have the ability to judge it from such a distance in time. So, is all radio just time-filling transient mush after all? Once it spills out across the airwaves and bandwidths, is that really where it belongs - lost in the ether forever? Or do we actually, all of us, have things to say that need to be remembered at some point in time.

Well, that took a serious turn didn't it? Okay - just have fun. More next time.