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Show Two - Well, we must have fooled them good because we were asked back to The Irish Times to do another show just a few days later. Things went pretty well at first - until Terry got into some weird spanking/slapping session with some of the female members of the audience. I mean, what happened to our professed ambition to raise the level of talk radio? Hell, it was fun, and good radio to boot, so I should stop complaining (Pompous? Moi?).

There was one great fellow who truly had not only a lot of opinions, but now was able, perhaps for the first time, to express them outside of his circle of friends. Part Apache, this fine fellow went on about many things, and it was a real pleasure to see someone both anxious to speak his mind, and actually have something intelligent to say as well. My many travels had sadly taught me to expect otherwise (what a dour cynic I can be).

Terry kept the show grounded in good will, as always - and that is saying a lot in this day and age of rage, pain, ill-will, poor manners, short attention spans and indeed open contempt for our fellow walkers on the path.

We hope to get back to The Irish Times sometime soon - a fine place, run by the salt of the earth.

PS: Not only do I restrain from swearing (much) on this show, there is also some pre-show, candid dribbling before we launch into our theme song, so don't be confused or dismayed (that's our job).