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Show Three - Okay, our first show away from "home" as it were. We found ourselves in the mysterious "valley" of legend. It was a bit odd as we pulled up to the place (we had never seen it), and I was a bit dismayed to discover it was in a strip mall (one of the more horrifying, and spreading, manifestations of cultural banality if ever there was one).

Despite its location, Jennifer's Coffee Connection turned out to be an okay place however - run by a lovely lady from New Zealand. We got the show going, and things went pretty well - in fact this may be one of our best nights ever. Our faithful and talented pal Gabe made his usual appearance, and that is always great as he adds immeasurably to the festivities with his unrestrained wit and intellect.

Terry did his familiar (and courageous) wanderings into the audience with good results - exceptwhen he ventured outside the building and went into the street to interview some folks who were standing just out front - not only did they not wish to talk to him, but they actually fled in terror! I'm not kidding - they literally ran away down the block as fast as they could go, never to be seen again. I think one of them may even have been the proprietor of the very coffee house we were in! But I could be wrong about that last part. Terror Radio indeed.

We recorded in MONO this time around, and I think the sound is punchier, but I don't know if you will be able to tell on your computer.

In any event, a good show all round.