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Show FOUR, Part one is 73 minutes long. Click on the PLAY gadget above to start the show (and change the direction of your life).


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Show FOUR, Part two is 65 minutes long.


Show Four (Part One) - We've broken the show into two parts for a couple of reasons (one is that we recorded it that way). No one remembers what the other reasons were!

Okay, enough of that. This time around we set up in a very cozy and old-fashioned kind of coffee house in Santa Monica called the Un-Urban. The "anti-starbucks" if ever there was a place. Lots of room, lots of odd display, rooms for students to study, etc. Anyway, we felt at home in this place.

We talk a little obscure history right off the bat (it was Guy Fawkes night after all), but it is interesting (no dry lessons, don't worry), but I quickly get into a couple of my pet hates: noise! And money! This turns into a little talk about barter, art, credit, and support for the underprivileged creative community. And no, it isn't boring - really (Terry NEVER fails to make our shows pleasant and stimulating). This leads into a talk about secret societies, the Masons, religion, and all sorts of other odd stuff.

Now one final thing to think about as well - if you had to change your sex for three days out of every week, what would be the first thing you would do? What would Kafka do? What would the Lovely Slut Terry do? Listen and find out.

The sound is very good, so enjoy our adventures (and I only swear once - I think).

Part Two of Show Four - okay, we're back. The show continues on its merry way, and I even manage to play a piece of music by Terry's band. After that something strange happens: Terry finds a guru. He cant remember his name and calls the wandering Buddhist monk who just entered the café "Coach" which I guess is appropriate in some sort of way. A young lady wanders in as well, has an epiphany of some kind then runs away without even bothering to buy a cup of coffee.

I end the show by playing our exit music "Everybodys Laughing" but Terry has been in a trance, keeps talking over it and about five minutes later asks me to play the tune, not realizing the show is over. Ahhh but is it? Is it ever over? Ask your guru.