Terry Messal and Tom Doran have banded together to bring you something a wee bit different. A Talk Radio show where the callers are right in the audience. A live show that’s a bit absurd – a bit intellectual – and never boring.

We’ve been calling it Terror Radio – not only because we refuse to allow our language and means of expression to be hijacked by recent, past, and ongoing events, but because we want people to face the "terror" of having an opinion, and be able to express it in an atmosphere where they won’t be attacked just for having that opinion – no matter what it may be.

Recorded with a live audience in various Los Angeles establishments (pubs, coffee houses, living rooms, store basements, etc.), the idea is to engage people face to face. To let folks speak their minds on a variety of ever changing topics. To "force" them to be something other than docile receptors of other peoples opinions (and we’ve got plenty).

Unscripted and uncensored – always challenging and open. And you’d be surprised how many people are morethan willing to express themselves! It’s one thing to do it from the safety of their own homes – anonymous, secure, and able to hang up the phone at any moment (and us being able to do the same), but here they are liberated in public view – and they love it. They enjoy sharing their stories, and getting out from behind their TV’s, as well as their inhibitions – if only for a couple of hours.

Most talk shows beat the same old topics over the head, hour after hour, day after day. Terror Radio likes to go with the flow in a stream of consciousness. It’s a bit like the old Scottish saying, "Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute."

The shows are being recorded for play as streaming audio on our own website (or where ever we can get them played), where we hope the whole world will be able to visit and listen to the uncanny adventures of The Lovely Terry and Poor Tommy – the hosts of...