Welcome to Terror Radio!

Join The Lovely Terry & Poor Tommy for an evening of peculiar and disturbing cerebral machinations. Bring your brain! Have an opinion! Clothes are always optional!

We have been performing out in the “real world” for over a year now – and after a short hiatus, we will soon be on the road to challenge your brain once again – and ours. If you want to know just what on earth we are talking about, please click on the various links below – and all will be revealed.

!!! SHOW ALERT !!!  We will be doing a LIVE show on April 29th at 8PM at the Un-Urban.  Be THERE or be SQUARE.

We now have some of our shows archived so you can experience the uncanny adventures for yourself as streaming audio – no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

Our Radio Shows! Have a listen if you dare!

Profiles: Your Charming Hosts   Our Manifesto
I Predict: Future Events

And please make sure to join us LIVE at our next show. Become part of our growing family in a comfortable home away from home where ever that may be. A fun time guaranteed.

For any live shows and their locations, check back here – or add your name to our mailing list by e-mailing us at: talkingpicturecompany@yahoo.com

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